A/N: tbh, it was super hard to write this because i found the gif so funny with him slapping his chest every second oh my god he kind of reminds me of donkey kong here??? omg plus he’s shirtless ha ok ya enjoy

Every time I see your smile, it makes my heart beat so fast. And although its much too soon to tell, I’m hoping this will last.

You sat in your beach chair, body sprawled out, trying to soak in all the sun rays. You smiled from behind your sunglasses and closed your eyes, letting out a relaxed sigh. When was the last time you had a break? You didn’t remember. But either way,  you’d enjoy the peace and quiet while you could. You pause. Speaking of, where was your boyfriend? It was awfully quiet. 

A sudden yell came to prove you wrong. You jolted up, startled, pushing your sunglasses up to squint at the figure standing by the edge of the pool. “Kikwang oppa, what are you doing?” You called.

You get some sort of yell as a response as he slaps his chest, before into the pool, splashing a full on out cannon ball. You let out a small laugh as some water hits your legs. Kikwang waddles his way over to you in the water and props his head by the edge of water, pouting as you dried your legs. “Yah, jagi. Such a beautiful weather today should be spent in the water.”

"I’m by the water,” you replied, giving him a warm smile. “Isn’t that enough?”

"Jagi~ Come in the water with me," Kikwang whined, giving you a pout. You know what a big sucker you were aegyo. You stared at him for a moment, urging yourself to be strong. You had already put on sun tan lotion and it would a complete waste if you went in the water right now, no matter how cool it might be. "Jagi, ahh~" Kikwang continued to whine as he hoisted himself out of the pool, walking towards you.

"Kikwang oppa~" You whined back, mocking him. Kikwang stood in front of your chair, hands on his waist as he gave you a knowing look. You stared back, wanting to kiss him madly with the view in front of you. He had a mad set of abs and a very cute smirk on his face. Even so, you were not getting in the water. You let out a small laugh as you propped your sunglasses back on your face, hiding your eyes so he wouldn’t know you were checking him out. "No, I’m not getting in, oppa."

You were wrong, to be honest. 

Because Kikwang leaned down, kissing you hard. Catching you by surprise, you relaxed in his arms. Taking the chance, Kikwang grabbed you by your waist, throwing you over his shoulder. You shout, slapping his back but despite your protests, he throws you in the water anyways.


He jumps in following you. “The most what? The most greatest boyfriend ever?” He asks as he takes you by the waist, staring into your eyes as he gives you another kiss.

"No," you mutter against his lips. He kisses you again and you laugh. "Okay, maybe."

"No maybes."

"Okay, yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, you’re the most greatest boyfriend ever." 

Another kiss. “I love you.”

"I love you too." And you meant it. You really did. Never in your life have you felt more convinced of anything else.

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